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Communication Design- UNDER CONSTRUCTION


For me, successful communication design means to render an idea so provocatively that the response is immediate, instinctual, amd active.

I look good in hats. So what does that have to do with communication design? In my mind, the communication designer needs to "get" the industries they design for and let them know it. In that sense we have to wear many hats. The hat part doesn't mean showing up to (or showing off at) every presentation wearing a snappy hat. Nor does wearing many hats mean being an expert in every field we liaison with. It means being curious, paying attention, and finding a way to care about what the client cares about. It means doing the homework. "Hat homework?" Here's an analogy: Put on the hat, pose in the mirror 'til we look really cool in it, then get to work. Ocassionally there will be a client whose hats just aren't "you." In that case, we graciously demur. Hopefully that's rare and we can creatively get into character. (BTW, use all the props you like... that's the fun of it! Your office, not theirs.)

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